Landscape Tips

June 7, 2022

Meet The TEAM: Q & A With Maintenance Crew Leader Kenderick Perkins

It’s time for a TEAM MEMBER SPOTLIGHT! Do you know Kenderick Perkins? Ken is our maintenance crew leader and a huge asset to our TEAM. He keeps our maintenance projects running smoothly and always goes the extra mile to provide exceptional work. Ken is a true TEAM player and we’re proud to have him with us!
April 22, 2022

Take Back Your Summer With Our Custom Landscaping Services

In South Alabama, summer means outdoor living – and that means you need a great summer landscape. But you don’t have to spend your season mowing and mulching in the hot summer sun! As your dedicated landscape partner, Chad’s Landscape Management is here to clear your schedule with a variety of summer landscaping services.
April 15, 2022

Top 8 Lawn Care Tips For Your South Alabama Landscape

Great lawn care does take a bit of effort, but the reward is more than worth the work. If your lawn is looking a little lifeless, there’s no better time than National Lawn Care Month to turn it around. Here are some of our top lawn care tips to help you get started.
March 11, 2022

Check Out Our New Customer Service Software

At Chad’s Landscape Management, we’re all about making your landscaping - and your life - a whole lot easier. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new client service platform that makes it easier than ever to manage your account, request service, pay invoices, and even more!
February 16, 2022

Simple Ways To Add Spring Color To Your Mobile, Alabama Landscape

Nothing says Spring like a landscape bursting with beautiful color. From the bold splash of breathtaking blooms to a neat stretch of vibrant green grass, the season offers bright and invigorating color schemes that are a stark contrast to the dull dormancy of winter.
February 6, 2022

Meet The Team: Q&A with Senior Crew Leader Todd Norman

A landscape company is only as good as its crew, and Chad’s Landscape Management is lucky to have one of the top teams around. Our expert staff is highly trained in all aspects of proper landscape design and maintenance, and each one brings their own set of skills and knowledge to every project.
February 6, 2022

The Best Time to Kill Weeds in Your South Alabama Lawn

Nothing ruins a lush, vibrant lawn faster than a patch of pesky weeds. These unwelcome invaders often seem to sprout up overnight, laying waste to all your hard lawn work. If fostering a thick and healthy lawn can’t stop weeds in their tracks, what can?
July 31, 2021

Pruning and Trimming: Keeping your Shrubs in Shape

A well-kept shrub is a spectacular sight, but it doesn’t happen by chance. Shrubs grow very quickly in South Alabama and rarely follow a particular pattern. Without the proper maintenance, your carefully manicured shrubs can easily turn into a chaotic, overgrown mess.
April 22, 2021

An Introduction to Landscape Installation

Installing a new landscape is a lot like renovating your home – and it can feel just as overwhelming. Landscape installation is a multi-step process that involves designing, constructing, and maintaining your new outdoor space. It’s much more complex than simply planting some new blooms!

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