Residential Landscape Maintenance

Chad’s Landscape Management offers superior landscape maintenance to residential clients in Mobile and Baldwin Counties. That’s because we don’t just maintain your landscape – we work to continually improve it.

Our expert technicians are trained to identify your landscape conditions and create a tailored maintenance plan to fit your unique needs. We offer a variety of customizable maintenance plans to cover everything from your lawn to your beds to your sprinkler systems and beyond. Whether you need seasonal changes or full monthly maintenance, our team will always arrive at your property on time, in uniform, and outfitted with the industry’s most dependable equipment and specialized knowledge.

If you need residential landscape maintenance in Mobile or Baldwin County, Alabama, trust the experts at Chad’s Landscape Management to keep your landscape in prime health and beauty year-round.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawns require more than a bi-monthly mow to stay in prime health and beauty. That’s why our technicians are trained to recognize your turf grass and create a tailored maintenance plan according to its unique needs and specifications. From professional mowing and trimming to hard and soft edging to blowing and cleaning grass clippings, we’ll cover every corner to leave your lawn in perfect shape, every time. 

Bed Maintenance

Beautiful beds are a statement piece in any landscape, but maintaining them can be a chore. Let Chad’s Landscape Management give you stress-free bed care! Our bed maintenance plans include edging and defining, deadheading spent blooms, ensuring proper ground cover, weed control, and more. So all you have to do is enjoy those beautiful Mobile Azaleas.


Adding a layer of mulch to your beds improves soil quality, controls weeds, conserves moisture, and gives your landscape a clean and polished look. Our professionals will help you choose the best mulch for your landscape and apply it at the right times to keep your soil and plants in optimal health and beauty. 

Sod Installation

When creating a new landscape, sod installation gives you an immediately lush and vibrant lawn. Our professionals are trained to help you select a grass that will thrive in your South Alabama landscape and install it quickly and professionally. Once planted, we’ll even cover maintenance for you!


Pruning doesn’t just improve your landscape’s look – it also keeps your plants happy and healthy. Chad’s Landscape Management can prune, sheer, and trim your shrubs and bushes to maintain their shape and keep them from encroaching on other plants or structures on your property.

Seasonal Color

A pop of seasonal color adds a big boost of curb appeal to any home or business. Our landscape experts know just which plants thrive best in our subtropical climate – and when to plant them so you enjoy their vibrant beauty for as long as possible. We can even decorate your landscape for your favorite holidays with lights, lawn decorations, and holiday-specific plants!

Weed Control

Keeping out invasive weeds can feel like an uphill battle. We can do the leg-work for you! We offer chemical, mechanical, and manual weed control options for every area of your landscape. Once removed, we’ll stay on top of your property year-round to keep pesky weeds from coming back.


When it comes to your lawn, all fertilizer is not created equal. That’s why we conduct a yearly soil analysis to determine the best type of fertilizer for your lawn’s specific needs. We carefully measure the health and nutrient levels in your lawn, keeping the pH in balance and applying fertilizer each season for optimal health. We guarantee to use the industry’s best and most eco-friendly fertilizers to keep your lawn lush, green, and healthy. 

Bush Hogging

The thick, rural landscapes of South Alabama are beautiful – until you need to use them! Our professional bush hogging services will level and clear your overgrown land to prepare it for building, farming, or any other use.

Retention Pond Maintenance

A poorly maintained retention pond can pose a real liability to homeowners and the environment. Our professionals can handle every aspect of the job, including sediment and debris removal, maintaining surrounding vegetation, aerating the turf, and more. 

Steep Hillside Mowing

Mowing a steep slope requires specialized (and expensive) equipment to do it safely. Chad’s Landscape Management saves you time and money by using professional-grade equipment to mow your hills to perfection.

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