Chad Hanson – Founder, Chad’s Landscape Management

Owner and founder Chad Hanson got his start in landscaping as a young teenager mowing the lawn at his family home. When he noticed that his neighbor had paid a lawn service company to keep their lawn in great shape, he knew what he had to do: join that company.

So that’s what he did. Chad spent 2 summers working for Morrison’s Landscaping, one of Mobile’s first large-scale commercial landscaping companies. While there, he studied the best practices for lawn maintenance and developed a love for maintaining great outdoor spaces. Once he had a strong grasp of the best techniques and professional-grade equipment, Chad set out on his own – not to just get paid, but to help those in his community create and enjoy their own outdoor spaces. And so Chad’s Landscape Management was born.

Today, Chad devotes his time to running and managing all aspects of the business, as well as increasing his skills and knowledge to best serve his clients. He is an Alabama Certified Landscape Professional (ALCLP) as well as a Level 2 Certified Urban Forester with the Alabama Urban Forestry Association (AUFA-L2). He also holds 2 industry licenses: Setting of Landscape Plants (SLP) and Ornamental Turf and Pest Control (OTPC).

A true outdoorsman, Chad enjoys traveling to national parks, back-country backpacking, hiking, and camping. When he’s at home, you’ll usually find him hanging out with his family and new baby girl on his back patio, listening to music and sipping a Yeti cup full of Sweet Tea.

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