The best way to a weed free lawn in Mobile, Alabama

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Controlling broadleaf weeds in lawns can seem like an annual chore. However, with a little patience, broadleaf herbicide can provide very effective control. While most homeowners are anxious to apply broadleaf herbicide in the spring, the most effective time is actually in the fall.

Don’t Lose Control:

A lot of times people don’t think about weed control in the fall, but it’s actually one of the best times to get very good control of those pesky weeds like speedwell, ground ivy, and wild violet, that tend to come back year after year.  It’s also a good time take control of some other ones like dandelion and clover, that tends to be in everybody’s yard.

We get so cooped up during the winter and then see all those weeds begin flowering in the spring and we want to go out there and control those weeds.  But during the spring, most of our herbicides will only burn down the new foliage because all of the nutrients are being pushed up above ground to the foliage, from the roots to the shoots.   So you might burn it down, but a month later there will be another dandelion in that same spot.  The bonus of doing something like this in the fall, as the temperatures get cooler, is that energy is now pushed from the shoots to the roots.  So when we apply herbicide in the fall, that herbicide will follow that direction down to the roots and compromise it’s ability to survive.

Now, next spring when things get going, those weeds will be gone.  And like I mentioned earlier, there’s certain pesky weeds like ground ivy and wild violet that just can’t be controlled at any other time.  So fall, really is the best time of the year for weed control.  And when we say fall, we really mean early to mid-October.  You want to get out there just before the leaves fall, or wait till right after you’ve cleaned the last little bit of leaves.

We have licensed and certified lawn care applicators who perform all of these tasks, and can help you with this and many more of your fall outdoor projects.  We have great pricing available, and we are scheduling right now!

If you’re not sure if your current landscape management plan includes this service, a quick phone call will help you find out and give you peace of mind that the pros are taking care of it.

Call Chad’s Landscape Management today at 251.391.4936 for more information on our lawn care program.  

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