About Us

PAST: When I was just a young teenager and had the southern responsibility of mowing the lawn at my family home, I used to want to get paid for it really bad. Until I noticed that a neighbor had hired a lawn service company to keep up their lawn. Then I wanted to pay them to mow our grass, not so I didn’t have to do it, but so that it would be a great looking lawn. Well, I couldn’t afford them cause I wasn’t getting paid. But when I was old enough, I went to work for that company. I paid attention to every detail. I learned a lot of the best practices for lawn maintenance and developed a love for maintaining great outdoor spaces. Once I had a strong grasp of the best techniques and learned all the proper operation methods of professional grade equipment, I set out on my own not just to get paid this time, but to help those in my community to be able to enjoy their own outdoor space.

PRESENT: Today Chad’s Landscape Management has grown into a company offering much more than our basic Mow Blow & Go package. With a number of employees on staff experienced green industry service technicians, we are creating, maintaining and enhancing unique outdoor spaces of lasting beauty all across Mobile and Baldwin County. We have been recognized as members of PLANET and the Irrigation Association. And we boast a list of licensed services. So whether it’s a corporate campus, retail center, master planned community, multi-family living complex, place of worship, hotel or the place you call home, Chad’s Landscape Management is willing and able to take on any landscape project in order to improve the quality of life for you and your community.

FUTURE: We have not settled for being a current leader in Alabama’s green industry. We recognize that every day new discoveries are made by us and our industry peers that enable us to save energy, conserve water and offer a better service more efficiently. When these practices are studied and implemented by our qualified staff and employees the benefits are spread to many. That’s why we are constantly participating in continuing education courses, focus groups, and attending green industry conferences and training seminars. We are in a relentless pursuit to become more efficient and create a lean and sustainable business in our local community.